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Anusl Spring Meeting of the Sri Lankan Golfing Society would be held ON Friday 1st June 2012


Programme for the day would be:
• Meeting at 08:30 Hrs; for Tea / Coffee & a Bacon Baguette
• 9 hole, Stableford team competition played on the Rothschild Course – First Tee-Off @ 09:30 Hrs; followed by
• Club House Lunch at 12:30 Hrs:
• 18 hole, Stableford individual competition played on the Rosebery Course – First Tee-Off @ 13:30 Hrs; folowed by
• Dinner - 3 Course meal + coffee at 19:30 Hrs; Presentation of prizes after dinner

Secretary – Lasitha Fernando - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or

Tissa SomarathneThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


May Day 2012

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 May 2012 19:10 Written by Administrator Tuesday, 24 April 2012 00:00

The Sri Lankan High Commissioner for the UK, His Excellency Dr Chris Nonis, was awarded the “Diplomat of the Year” for Asia, at the Annual Diplomat Awards Ceremony at the Langham Hotel in London last night, in the presence of the Diplomatic Community. This is the first time a Sri Lankan High Commissioner has won this award, which is chosen from the 164 Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in London.

Hugo De Blocq Van Kuffeler in his introduction to the Diplomat Awards ceremony stated that

“Yet another year has passed us, leaving us at an extraordinary time in world history, more complex and challenging trials for its citizens to cope with, and for its Diplomats to resolve. In a year that has seen dramatic shifts in International power, it appears that the modern Diplomat needs to be an expert in conflict resolution, poverty alleviation, climate change as well as government PR and Nation branding. The scale of global challenges facing us today, economic, social, environmental, and security weigh upon us all. There has been more states in conflict in the past 12 months since the 2nd World war, and yet Diplomacy is more important than ever. Governments must believe that diplomacy should displace defence at the core of International policy, and so the role of the diplomat is as important as ever. Despite the conveniences of modern technology, the tact, persuasiveness, influence and guile, of a great Diplomat is far more effective than an email or letter. Diplomacy is the brain of a Nation. It is been said that the quality of a Nation’s diplomacy is its direction and weight, and so it is important that we appreciate the great conductors of Diplomacy this evening. Already dealing with one of the most intense workloads in 2012, Diplomats posted in London will face a year when almost every country will have  a delegation visiting the capital for Her Majesty's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee  celebrations and London's 2012 Olympics.

Tonight, we are celebrating the exceptional minds who are trying to better their Nations’ wellbeing, all this not to win votes but in pursuit of a harmonious world. These are the Diplomats of the 164 nations represented in London today, who we will continue to support with Diplomat magazine throughout 2012. This award ceremony recognizes the outstanding work and achievements of the Diplomatic Community in London. In our fourth year we have identified 12 categories recognizing different aspects of diplomacy. I would like to thank the judges from the Diplomatic community who helped us wade through some very lively debate to resolve difficult decisions in all categories. Thank you also to all the Diplomats who sent in over 300 nominations which were analyzed and made the judging process a complex one.


On introducing H.E. Dr. Chris Nonis, Hugo De Blocq Van Kuffeler stated,

“Our next award goes to the “Diplomat of the Year” from Asia. Representing an Island State with big challenges, this Head of Mission is an example of exemplary hard work which has developed the State to State relationships his Country relies on. The youngest Head of Mission appointed by his country to the UK, he is also a qualified doctor, an academic, and is Chairman of a large Conglomerate employing over 8000 people. He currently holds key roles in various Commonwealth organizations, all part of the tapestry that has given him such a rounded view of International relations. This Diplomat represents a Nation that has promised an innovative reconstruction focusing on the future by fully mobilizing its signature strength, a resilient and inclusive society at the start of a new era. He is, of course, the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, His Excellency Dr. Chris Nonis.”

H.E. Dr. Chris Nonis in his acceptance speech stated,


“Your Excellencies, Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to accept  this award, and I am deeply humbled and extremely privileged to have been  nominated by the  International community, and this award is not only for me, but for my Country and my People.

I must first thank His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the trust and confidence that he has placed in me at this extremely important Mission in London, and the Minister for External Affairs, Hon. Prof. G.L. Peiris. I also take this opportunity to thank all the members of staff at the Sri Lankan High Commission, because it is you who are the Ambassadors and High Commissioners for Sri Lanka, and without you I couldn't have achieved what I have achieved in these eight months.

I also take this opportunity to remember my late parents, my wonderful mother & father, and my grandparents, for instilling in me their principles and values, and an enormous depth & breadth of understanding of people, and also my sisters Kshama, Nimi, & Shelly, who have always been there for me during the difficult times as well as good times, and my friends, who have always been there to support me. What they have instilled in me is a respect and understanding for the diversity of people, indeed the beauty of people is that we are all different, and that is what makes us human. We may all have faults and constraints, and challenges, but we all try. I believe that it is when we respect each other's diversity, that we provide each other with dignity, and it is when we provide each other with dignity, that we ensure that throughout the International Community we will live in peace and harmony.

After 28 years of bitter conflict we finally achieved peace in our Country. The people of Sri Lanka are now free of the autocracy and hegemony of terrorism, and we achieved that peace under the leadership of HE President Mahinda Rajapaksa. We now have a historic and unique opportunity to make that transition from Developing to Developed nation, as we build a truly pluralistic society. We are firmly embarked on a comprehensive rehabilitation, reconciliation, and reconstruction programme in our Country and we are indeed building an inclusive society.

As I have always said, “I am not Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, or Burgher, I am Sri Lankan, and I am proud to be Sri Lankan. I am particularly proud to be Sri Lankan on this day, because by winning this award the entire International Community has given an index of confidence in our country. I thank you and I invite you all to join in Sri Lanka's Renaissance.”

Sri Lanka High Commission

London, UK


25th April 2012



High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

13, Hyde Park Gardens

London W2 2LU

United Kingdom

Tel        : 020 72621841

Fax       : 020 72627970

Email    : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Worlds First working "Wind Powered Car" founded in Sri Lanka.

Last Updated on Friday, 20 April 2012 12:18 Written by Administrator Friday, 20 April 2012 12:15

This was built by a young engineer in Sri Lanka called Nilanga Senevirathne Epa,
The sad thing is he had never got the media attention, or anything. Thats why we never knew about him. The car can be driven at 60kmh top speed only using wind power. Most of the european car manufactures are asking him to sell the blue print of this car to their countries. But he wants to sell this car from Sri Lanka. But non of the Sri Lankan officials did anything to recognize him or patent his product.

Please share this much as you can to support. May be some official may see this and support someday. At least before it is sold to some other country we will know that it was founded in Sri Lanka. If anyone interested in buying this car or support manufacturing or investing please contact:

Nilanga Senevirathne,
N.S.E Automobile Engineers
59 / A, Rathnawali Road, Kalubowila,Sri Lanka
Telephone: 94 -06-2182147.
Mobile : 94-77-6493957.
Fax: 94-011--2785590


Channel 4 News must choose between journalism and advocacy propaganda regarding Sri Lanka

Written by Administrator Monday, 19 March 2012 20:09

Engage Sri Lanka’s media monitoring project, Sri Lanka Media Watch, has called upon Britain’s Channel 4 News programme to choose between legitimate journalism and advocacy propaganda in its focus on Sri Lanka.


In its most recent programme, “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished”, screened on 14 March 2012, Channel 4 News sought to make new claims regarding the last few weeks of the Sri Lankan civil war, fought between the government and LTTE rebels, which ended in May 2009. This was the second hour-long programme made by Channel 4 News on the subject. The coordinator of Sri Lanka Media Watch, Peter Walker, restated the comment he made about the first programme: “There is a name for those courts in which one person is the accuser, judge and jury: a kangaroo court. Channel 4’s programme was the journalist equivalent of such a court. Snow and his colleagues should stick to tabloid journalism, they make very poor lawyers.”


The second programme was very little more than a rehashing of the distorted and sensationalist claims made in the first programme. Channel 4 News once again ignored the well-documented fact that the hundreds of thousands of civilians caught up in the last weeks of fighting had been forced into the combat zone by the LTTE, who bore the resultant responsibility for any casualties. Similarly, while claiming that Sri Lankan forces shelled no-fire zones they themselves had established, Channel 4 News once again ignored clear evidence that these areas were actually shelled and mortared by the LTTE and that the LTTE themselves fired from within the no-fire zones, often from the vicinity of hospitals. Channel 4 News also once again made claims about questionable video and mobile phone footage unsupported by the findings of the UN special rapporteur. Similarly, while claiming that the government had a policy of killing those members of the LTTE who had either surrendered or been taken prisoner, Channel 4 News ignored the fact that more than 11,000 LTTE were taken into custody – most of which have been subsequently released.


Sri Lanka Media Watch coordinator Peter Walker concluded that


“In their rush to screen this latest programme in time to try to influence the meetings of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Channel 4 News has produced yet another flawed programme. Channel 4 News’ attention to detail is such that they are evidently unaware of who holds the portfolio of Sri Lanka Minister of Defence. This programme is yet another example of a self-selecting, white western elite seeking to interfere in the internal affairs of a developing country emerging from decades of civil war on the basis of flawed ‘advocacy’ propaganda. Channel 4 News’ self-indulgence is undermining Sri Lanka’s peace and reconciliation process and prejudicing ongoing legitimate investigations into the events of May 2009.”





Note to Editors


can be contacted on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Engage Sri Lanka is a British initiative established to make the case for the United Kingdom engaging more closely with Sri Lanka. Britain has a very old and historic relationship with Sri Lanka. This relationship is also a cultural, political and economic one and it is vital that our country maintains and develops its connection with one of our oldest partners. In an age of economic uncertainty, British business must make the most of its reputation in Sri Lanka and expand its involvement in the Sri Lankan economy. Sri Lanka’s commercial law is based on that of the UK and there is a skilled work force. Britain is already the second-largest market, after the United States, for Sri Lankan exports. World Bank figures show that the Sri Lankan economy is growing by 8 percent a year. Sri Lanka is also a strategic partner for British business in South Asia and is a key point of entry into the rapidly growing Indian market. Sri Lanka has the highest ranking in the World Bank’s ‘ease of doing business’ ratings in the region.


The United Kingdom must engage as fully and vigorously as possible with Sri Lanka. British business already faces fierce competition from China and other countries: We must challenge any obstacles to our country’s political and economic relationship with Colombo, especially those originating from partisan and self-serving quarters.


Sri Lanka Media Watch is a project of Engage Sri Lanka. It was established to monitor coverage of, and reporting on, Sri Lanka in the international media. Sri Lanka Media Watch evaluates this coverage against universally accepted journalistic standards of accuracy and impartiality and, where necessary, a right to reply.


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