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Huge crowd of Patriotic Sri Lankans flooded in to London from all over the UK to support Sri Lankan Olympian Anuradha Cooray

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The Olympic Marathon event in 2012 was started in front of Buckingham Palace on 12 August at 11.00 a.m. with the resonance of the applause came from the huge crowd of spectators.   A Sri Lankan athlete and a Marathon Champion Anuradha Indrajith Cooray bravely came to the battle field and competed for a good position in this event with other 105 of highly skillful opponents.

Lots of Sri Lankans who even came from most remote cities such as Manchester and who loved their country and admired their Marathon Champion, gathered along the Olympic Marathon track in order to make our Sri Lankan hero stronger with his performance. From the very beginning though he could maintain his position in the front line of the race, finally he managed to finish the game as the 55 th position of the Marathon event in Olympic Games 2012. Only Anuradha could reach this kind of satisfactory Olympic standard among all other Sri Lankan athletes who participated to Olympic Games this year. His outstanding performance in this event was a big relief for us as Sri Lankans who live in the UK as we were already fed up with awful rumors that were always circulated through the media about Sri Lanka. Any way we hereby express our deepest warm feeling towards this brave Sri Lankan youth who had tolerated lots of hardships along his arduous journey and who had managed to bring lots of precious victories to the country even in most unfavorable conditions.

Anuradha….!!! Our brave Olympic hero, we congratulate you on behalf of all the Sri Lankans who live in the UK for your outstanding performance and for your unfathomable courage!!!

Report from London – Darshana Hettiarachchi

Photography – Hemadasa Liyanage, Chathura vimukthi, Julien Markalanda



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High Commissioner to the UK Dr Chris Nonis outlined the strides that Sri Lanka had taken in economic, social rehabilitation, reconstruction and reconciliation since the defeat of terrorism in May 2009 to the Guild of Tourism at a luncheon meeting held at the Cholomondelay Room at the House of Lords..

One of the beneficiaries of this development effort in the post-conflict era was the tourism and hospitality industry which has witnessed a significant increase in foreign tourist arrivals including from the UK, he said.

Addressing a distinguished audience that included Royalty, Lords, MPs and other notables, Dr Nonis urged them to visit Sri Lanka and view first hand the unprecedented development that has also opened the doors to enterprising foreign investors in various sectors including tourism and hotels.

High Commissioner Chris Nonis observed that while all the communities in Sri Lanka were actively engaged in this development effort bringing benefits to all, small sections of the Sri Lanka diaspora including some in the UK, were still engaged in a debilitating war of attrition and disinformation to undermine the work at hand in Sri Lanka which is intended to heal the wounds of conflict and bring peace and prosperity to the nation.

Sri Lanka High Commission London, UK


Anuradha indrajith Cooray is running for Sri Lanka, on 12 August

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London Marathon Anuradha coorayThis is a call for all the patriotic Sri Lankans!!! One of our soldiers is in the battle field in order to secure the name of Sri Lanka in the Olympic history. Anuradha indrajith Cooray is running for Sri Lanka, on 12 August 2012 in the Marathon event from 10. 30 a.m. Let’s be there to give him a support and make him strong along the Olympic Marathon track. Come and join with us for the sake of our motherland and let’s gather together with Sri Lankan national flags to make our hero stronger. Enquiries: 07984649367


Oliver to receive Senior Membership

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Silver medallist, Oliver Madurapperuma, has received Senior Membership from the British Wrestling Association, the only one governing body for Olympic wrestling sport and affiliated to the International Olympic Community (IOC) and World Governing Body (FILA). Officially he can organise national and international competitions, coaching sessions and now he has received full national governing body and government liaison, he will have opportunities for coaching awards and world governing (FILA) awards. In 2006 he received an Olympic freestyle wrestling, coaching, refereeing and judging qualifications having trained under international coaches as follows Randy smith - Atlantic Canadian master coach and Barrinov Vassily - Soviet Russian national coach.

Further, not only is he a wrestling star, he is an international standard martial arts champion having received his training from karate masters Master Keinosuke Enoeda 9th Dan (Shotokan Karate) and Master Richard Hopking 7th Dan (Hopkundo) receiving a silver medal in the 1997 Euro Cup Open Martial Arts Tournament (Master Category) held by the World United Martial Arts Federation (W.U.M.A) in Cheltenham, UK. He participated in the W.U.M.A World Tournament 1998 and UK 100 man kumite in 2000 and in 2000 he took part in the Open Martial Arts Tournament in Washington USA.

Since 1994 Oliver has represented as a Sri Lankan President of World United Martial Arts Federation (W.U.M.A) and in 1998 achieved the Hall of Fame award in the UK being the first Sri Lankan in history to have received this award.

He is a 2nd Dan black belter for Shotokan Karate and 5th Dan black belter for Hopkunndo and was a national standard Olympic free style wrestler in Sri Lanka at 55kg, 74kg and 84kg. Further, he was national champion in 1988, 1989 and 1991 and a member of the national pool for SARC games, commonwealth games and world championship and an unbeatable champion at 82kg, 90kg inter prison officers wrestling meet.

His service in his motherland of Sri Lanka

In 1991 Oliver organised fundraising martial arts exhibitions for a national fund for injured soldiers in the forces. He has fought many wrestlers and karate black belters.

He undertook his studies at Colombo University De Mazenod College and Bandara College Gampha and is now permanently resident in the UK. Oliver is employed by the HM Prison Service, formerly having held the positions of senior executive prison officer and inspector of police in Sri Lanka.

He looks to help Sri Lankan sportsmen in both the UK and Sri Lanka.

Reported by Sarath Kumara - Birmingham


Demostration in London by JVP

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