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Suwanda Mathaka audio programe by Kolitha Mendis

15th August Suwanda Mathaka 6 Audio (55 minutes, 07 seconds long)


13th July Suwanda Mathaka 5 Audio (28 minutes, 08 seconds long)
15th June Suwanda Mathaka 4 Audio (31 minutes, 47 seconds long)
12th May Suwanda Mathaka 3 Audio (33 minutes, 26 seconds long)
12th April Suwanda Mathaka 2 Audio (33 minutes, 24 seconds long)
12th March Suwanda Mathaka 1 Audio (20 minutes, 31 seconds long)

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written by Ajantha Khangaha Arachchi , August 17, 2010
Dear Kolitha,
I am relay so impressed about your abilities and knowledge. I think, you are a walking Radio station.If you can do a fantastic programs with less facilities like this, definitely you can do better programmes to the world given the opportunty. I don't know how to thank you enough.

Big Thank you! Kolitha.
written by dimuthu alwis, August 16, 2010
WOW!! Excellent. We enjoyed it . Thank you very much.
written by chinthaka weerasinghe, August 16, 2010
Suwanda Mathaka enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. great piece of art.
written by biyanwilla saman, July 28, 2010
Wt excellent programme! mona lassanakda if u need eny songs in 60s 70s i can send 4 u FREEE
keep it up

Saman from Dubai

written by komaree joshaph, July 18, 2010
Dear mr. Mendis......... the best program in ure diary.......please keeep up. ure doing good job. Thanks.........
written by Rayan, June 18, 2010
Wow !!! Fantastic program.
Well done.
written by Nisha, June 17, 2010
Suwadanda Mathaka 4 is much more practical subject to uk audiance. this programme is far the best of all previous.same time subject matter is very good.
written by Kanchana Mala Mendis, May 28, 2010
This is an excellent programme!
I like the way you present it !!
Wish you good luck !!!
Keep it up !!!!
written by Sumedha Jayasena, May 16, 2010
As I said in my previous post, I wanted to listen. I kept listening, to all three programs. I noticed a sharp evolution of the overall quality of the program, in spite of the fact that the first one that unveiled Suwanda Mathaka was good indeed.

I was thrilled to listen to a Sri Lankan program with an esteemed quality coming from UK!!! This should be an example for some Sri Lankan channels in Sri Lanka, where English (not really English, but Singlish) mixed with Sinhala (again not real Sinhala, but Sinhalese slang) being broadcast through nonsense sound bites spoiling the nation and the culture. Unfortunately or fortunately, Sri Lankan audience may eventually have to reach programs like Suwanda Mathaka being broadcast from other countries -- to find not only pure language, but to learn something about Sri Lanka. If possible, make this program available to the SLBC or to some other educational channel for our youngsters to listen. Keep it up....Well done team and hats off to the producer for a thoughtful and a brilliant presentation!!!
written by darshani, May 07, 2010
sarala basinma denna. goog good . ........
written by darshani, May 07, 2010
adu tarame sati dekakata warawat mataka suwada denna.thanks
written by Chethiya Peiris, April 15, 2010
What a great work............!!!!
Please continue this program.
..::Good Luck::..
written by sugath, April 14, 2010
Excelant mr Mendis keep it up.we enjoyed very much your program.
written by Dr. Edward Perera, April 13, 2010
A kind request to the producer of "Suvanda Mathaka":
In Sri Lanka, there is a TV Channel, which encourages the announcers and programme participants to use much as possible English terms to express what they want to say. It should not be a future trend for the new channels and especially for a channel, which sheds light to our cultural heritage. It is my humble opinion that the Sinhala Language is rich enough to express anything on earth. Why not we use Pali, Sanskrit terms other than using English mixed with Sinhala desperately?
written by Edward Perera, April 13, 2010
When I went through all what the others have commented on “Suvanda Mathaka”, I had the feeling that there is a growing enthusiasm amongst the readers of LAKRESA. This is an encouraging response and I do hope this website generally and “Suvanda Mathaka” particularly would perform an outstanding work in the future!
Good Luck!
written by Senake, April 12, 2010
Brilliant stuff ... can you find out ways of publishing this programme in to the sri lankan community;all over the world and Sri Lanka............
written by sunil malwatta, April 07, 2010
Fantastic " Lakresa". Please carryon.
Good Luck!
written by piyal Liyanage, April 07, 2010
Thank you very much for your new item for LAKRESA.
We always behind you .
written by Priyadarshanie Mendis, April 04, 2010
congratulations! Suwada Mathaka is a great program that renewed our knowledge of Sri Lankan history. I wonder you started this program with the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. We hope you continue this program.
written by Priyadarshanie Mendis, April 03, 2010
Congratulations! Suwada Mathaka is a great program that renewed our knowledge of Sri Lankan history. I wonder why you started the program with the last kingdom of sri Lanka. We enjoyed it and we hope you continue it.
written by Sumedha Jayasena, April 02, 2010
Sri Lankans have been scattered all around the world, now than before. This trend will continue. For those who have left the country for many reasons, some have left the country forever. They are not your audience. And some others have never left our country and our culture though they chose to settle elsewhere. I gather that will be your audience. These kind of programs are very valuable to them.
To me, this program took me back to Sri Lanka, no doubt! But, my time span in there was interrupted... I wished if you could kept me there towards the end of the program. That is my humble opinion.
Being the first program of this nature and with many more to come yet, I congratulate to all of you involved for bringing such a wonderful program.

Keep it up! I want to listen.
written by Upasiri Madanayaka, April 01, 2010
Suwada Mathaka it is a really nice programme I heard after long time. I enjoyed the programme. Please keep it up.
written by sam de silva, March 30, 2010
wow! well done.
written by Senake, March 29, 2010
Excellant, this is what we need .. something diferrent ratherthan same thing again and this is a good best wishes for your attempt.
written by sugath watagedara, March 29, 2010
When I listen to your this programe,my memory gone back to 60th century SL radio programs.Very nice,prrsentation good. We like to listen more like this programs continuously. Why "LAKRASA" not starting radio programe with those capabalities.
written by S Jayasinghe , March 29, 2010
Congrats! Long-felt need. Keep going to save our nation.

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