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Lakresa political news commentry in Sinhala - mp3

27th February 2011


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written by kamalbatugedara/london, March 31, 2011
please do not delay your program. we are waiting for it. no 0ne political program, please keep going.we need
this now.
written by Priyantha wijesiriwardena, January 26, 2011
Excellent programme. Hard work
written by Gemunu, November 22, 2010
Thank you for revealing the truth about the corrupt regime in Sri Lanka. There is practically no opposition to the autocratic rule of Rajapakse family. If you raise your voice, you will be attacked or you will be picked up by a white van in the middle of the night. Streets are planted with soldiers and policemen with weapons. Rajapakse boasts the war is over and everybody can move about freely. This is not true. Yes certainly they and their henchmen can, but not the average citizen. Food prices are sky rocketing . We are subjected to ever rising body searches. This has become a military state like the Nazi regime in Germany in the 1930's. It is a very sad scenario here in our motherland. All private TV stations and newspapers are under threat. We have never experienced anything like this before. Very sad indeed. We plead for help from the International community.
written by Gemunu, November 22, 2010
Thank you Laksrea for the noble service you prove to educate those who are misled.
written by Gemunu, November 22, 2010
General Fonseka never said anything about a white flag. This is a concoction by Sunday leader editor. Why keep on leveling false charages against the war hero who contributed so much to win the war? He still hass serious bomb injuries which are not healed and needs daily medical attention. All these charges and complaints started pouring in only after he challenged Mahinda Rajapakse. Mahinda is a very corrupt man. He never keeps his promises. He promised to do away with the executive presidency after his first term. What is happening now is he is strengthening his position. According to Buddhist philosophy Greed is the cause of all problems. We know his track record for the last 40 years. He is creating another Myanmar. Dear fellow Sri Lankans please don't fall into the trap of this corrupt man.
written by Duminda Navinna, November 02, 2010
I do not know a single person from Lakresa but after listening to their unbiased news, I have the feeling that Lakresa is working with a greater awareness of what is taking place in Sri Lanka no matter whether it is about MR or SF.

For the time being, the masses should not be biased to any group but to study the situation impartially. Follow "Mayama Prathi Pada" then you will see the truth. Why should people condemn General Sarath Fonseka because they like President Rajapakse or because the President's brother Gotabaya does not like him?

Please never allow anybody to divide the nation because of their individual resentments. The country comes first and the politician.. The President should not think of releasing General Fonseka but he should respect the democratic rights of an individual and the press freedom while strengthening the impartiality of judiciary system.

Then General Sarath Fonseka will be a free man even without President's clemency.
written by Hew, October 25, 2010
I feel that you are encouraging young student to stand up against, current Sri Lanka goventment. Do you think it is right? Don't ancourge another JPV in our mother land.

be aware with who ever try to destroy our mother land. Ask what we can do for Sri Lanka and do what has to be done to make Sri Lanka a better place in the future.
written by chandrakumar, October 13, 2010
hellow friends,
you guys do a big distruction to the society of srilanka,by propagating lot of false news about sarath fonseka and GOTABHAYA.It is an undeniable fact that both these parties did their best together to win the war. After that due to greediness of sarath fonseka ,he started to criticise the Navy commander and tried to show off as he is the sole architect of the 'win' against LTTE.This was the downfall of this greedy man.His attitude will bring devisiveness in srilankan society and will bring destruction to the whole country.
written by Igunatilaka., October 07, 2010
congratulations for the truth. We are proud of you.
written by HELAYA, October 07, 2010
written by Gemunu, October 07, 2010
At a time when the entire media machinery is praising one man and his family in order to be in good books and get undue favors, I bow my head to you for holding your back straight telling us the other side of the story and the truth.
We are often subjected to distorted views about our war ahero General Fonseka. Your comments about him are true facts and not biased at all but for some, sadly, it may sound so. You have our blessings and the blessings of the Thrividha Ratne.
written by Lanka Puwath UK, October 06, 2010
I am not saying that SF is bad or MR is good here,

You are supposed to give an unbiased news to we Expats. You should be able to criticize and praise both sides depending on what they do. instead, it is sad that your paper and the News Channel suddenly has become a anti government paper. You should run the paper like Lankawiththi ( No politics but extremely patriotic) or NewsLanka ( Srilankan news without spin or bias. ) . Yes Rupavajhini and ITN is blatantly pro Mr but then they re in Srilanka. You are in uk and you should have been different
I think by siding with SF and his team you have forfeited the "independence news" label.
written by Shiromi, Norway, October 05, 2010
Waiting for justice; May justice appear soon; like sun appear through dark clouds. Thank you Lakresa team!! Theruwan Saranai Sri Lanka; Theruwan Saranai General Saratha Fonseka !!
written by Gemunu, October 05, 2010
Mahinda Rajapakse has been in politics for 40 years. What was he doing all these years until General Saratha Fonseka gave leadership to defeat the LTTE? Mahinda Rajapakse livaed on tax payers money while
General Sarath Fonseka dedicated his life for the country.
written by Dr. Upasiri de Silva, October 05, 2010
Dear Editor,

Your narration about General Fonseka is very appropriate as you mentioned the two occasions where he showed his leadership to save the country.

Most BLOODY Sri Lankans who says things against him has no knowledge that what SF did to win the war was unique. Every one is of the opinion Gotabaya directed the war. What rubbish? We had two Army Commanders as DS but they also failed to give direction to the Army and the other Services. How can Gota after staying in USA selling 7/11 gods give direction to win this ferocious war with the LTTE. He will learn his tactics or meet the waterloo with KP.

I am very thankful to you for your well researched narration of this War Hero.

I am enclosing a letter I posted to Mahinda Rajapakse about the NPA Guidelines for you to use at the next broadcast if necessary. You can use any part of it or you can publish it in you publication if you like.

written by Wimal Rodrigo, October 04, 2010
Dear vijitha, your news raeding skills and news editing and creation of presenting are excellent. people could understand you easily that is a main factor of you have given a importance of sarath fonseka's is an ideal and timely you put in to the news and analysis....
written by Dr. Upasiri de Silva, Sydney, Australia, September 08, 2010
The negative economic effect you explained in your 25th August programme after visiting Sri Lanka is 100% correct. Sri Lankan Central Bank is handle by a man who has no knowledge about Banking. As you said we need to pay more interest or service the loans we have taken to construct Roads and other Infrastructue because the commission has increased the cost of these projects. As the Chinese, Indians, Koreans and many foreign companies employ their own people we generate a negative economy and with all these loans from the Exims Bank of China we are sinking the country along with the Hambantota Harbour. By end of his 2nd term of Mahinda Rajapakse as the President every Sri Lankan have to pay at least 450,000 to service all these loans. I live in Australia but when I see these economic desaster Mahinda Rajapakse and his brothers are doing to the Country I have no words to explained. The next 7 generation of our children are sold to China, India and Japan by these brothers. What a shame?
written by Dr. Upasiri de Silva, Sydney, Australia, September 08, 2010
One of the excellent programmes I listned for a long time. Today we are facing a power grab by the President Mahinda Rajapakse. President who promised to make changes to the Executive Presidency, now extend that for another tterm and may be for life. JVP who helped Mahinda Rajapakse to be the President in 2005, by signing a fact with the SLFP and working for that by canvassing hard should be responsible. If JVP did not signed that FACT Mahinda Rajapakse should have never be the President of this country according to a well place source, who passed away recently.
written by Wimal Ediriwira, September 05, 2010
Sugath Watagedera has written : "As Srilankans living abroad we have moral duty to act now aganst this currupt Rajapaksha family regime"

How is it that he seems to be ignorant about the MASSIVE levels of corruption during the times of JR, Premadasa, Chandrika and Ranil?

Those people are chargeable with that corruption - so why did Sugath Watagedera not initiate court cases against them?

Why try to pick on the "Rajapaksha family "? If not for them, the Island would today have been partitioned for the creation of a Catholic/Christian Tamil terrorist state - like in East Timor. Or is it that he is a Catholic/Christian himself?

JR, Premadasa, Chandrika and Ranil - ALL - claimed that the Tamil terrorists were "invincible"! They were elected to govern the ENTIRE Island, not just a part of it. So if they felt they could not defeat the terrorists, these politicl heads SHOULD HAVE RESIGNED if they could not perform the duties of the job for which they were elected. As it is, they can be charged with high treason, apart from inefficiency, dereliction of duty, collusion with the Tamil terrorists etc.

They also violated the Oath of Office they took to uphold the Constitution.

written by sugath watagedara, August 29, 2010
wellcome...........u come back to do the political progam again.......this is very well balance and well analized criti cisam. plase keep up...we are waiting to hear this every week. thank u........
written by Nalika from London, August 15, 2010
Excellent review,good analyzation and presentation. WELL DONE.
written by Bimal from uk, August 11, 2010
This is a very good idea.
It's a tragedy that's some people froget their student life(specially university life)
written by Nuwantha, August 07, 2010
great news review, well said . naked bitter truth of sri lankan dirty politics. Thank you once again to Lakresa team for such a great exposure.
written by kamal Rajapaksha, June 14, 2010
This week your political analize is very importent. You are doing your job well. I never hear this type of real analize from any other media. please keep it up.
written by Sisira Konara. New York., May 24, 2010
It's absolutely true news cast we can listen among today's news.But when our people comprehense this reality? One day.. They will understand this opportune polluted politics for whom and for what .....
Don't give up your attempt .We are with you.
written by sugath watagedara- London., May 23, 2010
I listen to your program every week, it is day by day imoroving and well balanced and ceative.This is new item introdused by your paper need to keep up. As Srilankans living abroad we have moral duty to act now aganst this currupt Rajapaksha family regime. Please keep going we always behind you.
written by K. Hewage- London, April 18, 2010
"LAKRESA" your political program is the best presenrtd,well analized one in the internet now. very short time u came to the first. congragulations.......keep up
written by Y.Dhammissara, April 12, 2010
Lakresa,karana obatumanlage viyayamaya ithmath sartakai.tava tavath Lankava venuven pitaratakasita karana sevayata obatumanlata dhigasiripatami.jayaweva.
written by Premalal Dandeniya, March 29, 2010
Well said Lakresa. You an example to these so called journalists.
written by c.guptha, March 29, 2010
very good program ......... keep it up .........................

written by sugath watagedara, March 22, 2010
Fantastic idea. it isvery clear.good launguge skill also attaced. please keep this improve. we always behind your team.
sugath watagedara /colindale/London.
written by Chandana Sirimalwatte, March 20, 2010
This is very good. appreciate your attempt to make aware the Sri Lankans who live abroad. we the staff of Lanka newspaper wish Lakresa team, courage and strength to improve.
written by sumth athukrala, March 15, 2010
I continiusly listin to your political program. very good...... It contain real political situatin in Sri Lanka. keep it up.......
written by Senake, March 13, 2010
well done , best wishes from senake
written by sugath samaraweea, March 08, 2010
Thanks very much for your new item for lakrasa paper. At the movement Sri Lanka all medias presenting only one side, nobody has currage to say any word aganst Royal family. As Londan based paper you have more chances to review the truth about SL sitution. Keep it up..... we always behind you
thanks very much.
written by samadee atthanayakee, March 04, 2010
politics hera wena mokuthma oyata kiyanna nethda. Rubbish politics.
written by Sisira, March 02, 2010
maru maru !!!! digatama ohoma yamu ape sahaya.
written by Anu sooriyabandara From london, February 27, 2010
Don't you have any thing else to talk about apart from Mr. Sarath fonseka. We appreciate if you publish more common news. But don't take too much time.
written by Nishantha from uk, February 27, 2010
thank you for your comments, we appreciate your input and response which encourage our team to continue this work for the benefit of all Sri Lankans.
written by sarani uthpala, February 24, 2010
please carryon ,good luck
written by saman lokuge/ London, February 22, 2010
This is very good idea. Your team presented it with sutable music this is very nice. keep it up. please do this every week.
written by Haris Nisham -London , February 22, 2010
It is Good idea.Thanks Lakresa Team....

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