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Suramya Rathriya - Kithsiri Jayasekara

Report By Tissa Madawela

Photos By chinthaka weerasinghe -

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producers of the highly successful London based Sri Lankan talent search programme “London Star” introduced to the public their future programme at a unique musical evening held a few days ago. Some of the London Star contestants and the finalists attended the unusual get together named “Saumya Rathriya” which doubled as a farewell evening for the veteran Sri Lankan musician Kithsiri Jayasekera who came over to act as a judge at the London Star final.
Evening programme started with lighting the traditional oil lamp by the London Star team and the winner Shenik Hiran.

Programme was introduced by the charming London Star presenter Chanuri Gangajali.

According to the London Star producer Sumith Kadawathage, immediate step is going to be producing the song albums of the finalists. As a start London Star winner Shenik Hiran will have his own original song produced as a music video.

Sumith said that “there are many requests from Sri Lankan organizations in Italy, USA and Sri Lanka for the London Star finalists to perform in various venues. Taking in to consideration the logistic limitations the entire team has to face in touring away from base, we have decided to accept the invitations to send the London Star group to Rome in Italy and Boston in the USA as a test run. For these visits we have worked out an entirely new concept of presenting a musical evening.”

The Director of London Star Niroshan Kahawaththa introducing the new concept said that “this will not be a concert where the singers sing on stage and the audience sits in the auditorium and listens. We are planning to mix the singers and the audience together building up a homely and relaxing atmosphere. Audience participation is also going to be part of this new concept. This is not going to be just a musical show but an entire musical experience that people participating will remember with affection for a very very long time.”

“Suramya Rathriya” was just that. With the music of Sky High band led by Manju Munasinghe, Kithsiri Jayasekera took every one attended in to a entirely different world.
Many of the London Star finalists and former contestants assisted Kithsiri to grant the entire audience an unforgettable experience of singing and friendly discussions.
The programme was scheduled to terminate at 8 in the evening. However with the memorizing singing of many old and unforgettable melodies by the team no one realized that it went on till midnight. From the London Star family Madubhashini Adikari, Irosha Perera, Dinesh Rajapaksha, Shyama Kaluarachchi, Jagath Jayatilleke, Susantha Fernando and the London Star winner Shenik Hiran joined Kithsiri Jayasekera who made the evening a unique event. Programme was presented by young and talented Gayan Mahawaththa who got the audience also involved in the singing and the discussions by his pleasant and witty comments.

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